Raj Dwarka Dahisar

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Real estate business has introduced many well-known brand name. And one of famous name is radius developer, the organization has completed many projects with good designs and advanced technology equipped. Raj Dwarka Dahisar is famous for their unique offers and facility available at the residential complex. Now this time wonderful is coming with the new offers of apartments at affordable price. And it is almost impossible to purchase a home because this project price coming soon at Mumbai, this will become a myth very soon. Real Estate developer is breaking this myth and making this impossible to possible. Radius central park project is coming to Dahisar with an incredible deal of offering apartments in your budget. Beyond your imaginations, Raj developer is offering the apartments of different size and at the different price. Dwarka Dahisar is located in the heart of Mumbai and offering Home price range coming soon, mind blowing location for spend life with family. Now in pre-launch phase pre-register offers are much affordable that are really unimaginable.
Now a day Raj Dwarka Dahisar has undergone a complete transformation, for better pedestrian sidewalks, broader and smoother roads. Currently Flyovers have been built over the Western Express Highway, with the aim of low traffic during the peak hours. Dahisar Mumbai is a one of the idyllic place to live in, with small hillocks, mango orchards, the Dahisar River and numerous lakes and ponds with are family.

Well known for their fantastic and elegant infrastructure developments, Rajesh Lifespaces once again introduces their upcoming residential projects in the suburbs of Mumbai – Raj Dwarka. Catering with exuberant and charming residences rightly located at the borders of Mumbai – Dahisar, Raj Dwarka provides a lifestyle full of luxuries, amenities and conveniences.

Located just inside the city limits, Dahisar is the northernmost suburb (and railway station) of the Mumbai city.

Dahisar is located on Salsette Island and is bound by the scenic hills of National Park on the eastern side and the inlet of Manori creek and saltpans on the western side.

Dahisar was once an idyllic place to live in, with small hillocks, mango orchards, the Dahisar River and numerous lakes and ponds. But as of today, the river is now an extremely polluted stream of sewage, the orchards and hills have been obliterated by slums and lakes have now been filled over for building construction. The dense mangroves surrounding the inlet of Gorai creek however still remain and provide Dahisar with its last remaining stretch of wilderness. There was a time just 30 years back, when the marshy area which is now the link road, was full of gigantic boulders, all of which baring a couple have been demolished. Currently Dahisar has undergone a complete transformation, with better pedestrian sidewalks, wider and smoother roads. Flyovers have been built over the Western Express Highway, with the aim of easing traffic during the peak hours.

Rajesh LifeSpaces understands that residential properties in Mumbai are increasingly affected by the dynamism of the lifestyle that lies in the neighbourhood. It is this understanding that inspires them to create spaces which nurture, shape and celebrate life. Be it ready to move-in spaces or under construction properties in Mumbai, you would find them there for your needs. With their rich legacy they craft spaces for tomorrow.

Rajesh LifeSpaces celebrates both – legacy and ability to create budget homes and future-ready apartments in Mumbai. It echoes their legacy that rises from decades of experience, crafted by timeless principles, driven by future, led by integrity, accentuated by the way they honour their commitments and complemented by their adherence to the business ethics. It establishes our diversity to craft affordable housing and luxury apartments completed over 8 million sq.ft. Along with an additional 13.5 million sq.ft of ongoing and 16.2 million sq.ft of upcoming projects in the western and the central suburbs of Mumbai. This has enabled them to establish their supremacy amongst the real estate developers in Mumbai.